Private Yoga Sessions

Whether it’s a slower moving practice like Hatha, or a faster paced Vinyasa flow; we are excited to create a practice for you.  All classes include physical postures, and breathing techniques. 
This season we are encouraging clients to incorporate more Yin practices. Yin is yielding, allowing, and nourishing- a perfect balance for our busy, active lives.  Yin is the other half of the more active poses and the focus is on deeper tissues like ligaments, joints, and fascia. This practice creates suppleness in the body and mind.
Hailey is a certified instructor through the Yoga Alliance and will instruct you where you prefer to learn in the studio, in your own space or in a special destination. She believes yoga is for everyone & creates classes for any level.   Private lessons start at 30$ and include up to 2 students. Each additional student 5$.