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What retreat means to us. We don't automatically jump to huts over the ocean in Bali when we think retreat. However, how flipping sweet would that be?

When we think retreat we think about the action of retreating combined with intention. The definition of retreat when used as a verb is after all, to strategically withdraw to a quiet or secluded place. Nothing in there about having to spend lot's of money, use a passport and take oodles of time off work. In fact we dare say it's more valuable to retreat in a way that provides each person with a more consistent mechanism to relax, reset, and recharge. Maybe there's actually greater value in an hour on the mat, or 10 minutes of Alternate Nostril Breathing in the utility closet at work when tensions get a little sketch (pretty specific example there....I know). Nadi Shodhana Pranayama is the Sanskrit name for this breathing technique and has been used since ancient Indian times, the utility closet isn't necessary but hey we take our retreats whenever/wherever we can. The practice of alternate nostril breathing was one of my first a ha moments where I realized I could relieve my own anxiety. This kind of "everyday retreat" is a real life tool that is easily accessible at any given time. That's pretty rad! Right?

Yoga and meditation have been a gateway for many who experience it's transformative powers. It just makes good sense to couple that with travel and actively relax at the same time as you can dive deeper into learning and embracing different aspects of your practice. It's a winning combination. AND let us just say YES! Yes to yoga, we vote yes! We believe yoga is for EVERYBODY. Don't get stuck thinking about the asanas (physical postures) unless that's what turns you on about yoga....then you do you BOO! There are a lot of popular & readily available options for your practice almost anywhere you go. However, traditionally yoga wasn't about contorting your body in different positions. It wasn't even about building muscle. It was about inner work. This inner work and self care is what really get's us excited about yoga. It's why we believe that our world does change from the inside out. After all you can only give what you have to give. But, we don't think that retreats need to be all yoga and meditation. Anything that sparks passion and lights the fire within is worthy of taking time out to retreat.

Our humble opinion is anything that gets you connecting with nature or each other is worthy of retreating for. Anything that motivates creating and sharing beautiful moments. Anything that inspires that attitude of gratitude. Anything that helps relieve the stress and allows for a reset is worthy of retreat.

Follow along with us as we learn and grow, designing retreats for all seasons, inspiring connections and supporting all you lovers of life.

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