Balance isn't a given, 

it's something we create.


Retreat by Design is created out of a desire to come back to balance. We are passionate about designing retreats as unique as our clients because everyone deserves a little more peace. 

Hailey is a certified yoga instructor who loves the outdoors. For her connecting with nature is a universally accessible way to easily cultivate some steady-calm. She especially enjoys the unique landscape that Utah has to offer.


She loves to learn just for the sake of learning, and loves to create beautiful moments when hosting events and believes in the healing power of laughter and taking ourselves a little less seriously. 

She wants everyone to spend more time doing what sparks passion; believing we change the world from the inside out. If you need an hour on the mat, an evening away, or a week on the beach - we got you! This is Retreat by Design.


Private Yoga

A practice designed for you and your unique needs and goals.
               -Yoga is for everyone; anyone interested in the transformational peace it has to                  offer…..or anyone wanting a sculpted booty and ripped arms!